AVG Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga asana practice is a discipline through which the student may develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination among other benefits, including calmness and resolution. The practice rewards the aspirant who regularly engages in a routine that may be acquired from a teacher in classes. Age or stiffness need not be a hindrance as the teacher is generally able to assist the participant in adapting asanas to their individual need. All adults are welcome for classes/workshop listed below.

Class attire is bare feet, shorts or footless tights and tee shirt. No perfume. No heavy jewelry. Do not eat a meal two hours prior to doing yoga. Do not come to class if you have a contagious condition. Please be on time. Class begins promptly at the published class time. 

Workshop events will be announced in separate flyers for specialty topics, visiting teachers, beginning and advanced levels.Driving directions: Arsha Vidya Gurukulam is an institute devoted to the study and teaching of Vedanta, Sanskrit and Yoga. It is located in Saylorsburg just off Route 33 on old Route 115, next door to Saylorsburg Lumber and across the road from the Blue Ridge Flea Market. Come in the paved driveway and progress to the back of the campus to the big red building fronted by a parking lot. This is the Activities Center. The yoga studio is on the second floor. Please enter by the downstairs door.Bookstore hours are 10-6 pm. The bookstore is located next to the small parking lot near the entrance to the property.

Meditation workshops are offered 1st & 3rd Saturdays 10-12:30 pm in the Tunga classroom.