Arsha Vidya Ananda (not registered yet)
Medium of instruction
Vedanta Classes
Vedanta classes are conducted as a part of ongoing courses which include meditation, chanting, one-one sessions, home work assignments and biannual camps. These ongoing courses which began in 2014 have covered several texts.
1. Shivaprasadah course
2. Vishnuprasadah course
3. Krishnaprasadah course
Vedanta teaching online
After running a Vedanta course online for a group of students from 2014-2017 currently there are short courses that are conducted. All Vedanta classes and courses that are offline are made available to students online. This decision is taken after reviewing the exposure of the student to Vedanta and suggesting the appropriate course or class to enroll into.
Teaching Sanskrit with Panini
Online Sanskrit classes
Youth programmes
Youth programmes are conducted as per request.
Leadership programme conducted with SIES college students in 2016
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Value education or cultural education to children
Value education programmes are conducted as per request.
SHINE (Spiritual Heritage of India for Next-generation Empowerment) was conducted in 2016.
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Teaching of stotras
My Vedanta student - Sonali A also teaches online as a part our outreach activities.
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Teaching of bhajans
My Vedanta student - Sonali A also teaches online as a part our outreach activities.
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Teaching of puja
My Vedanta student, Rashmi K also teaches people online.
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Teaching meditation based on Arsha Vidya
An entire range of meditation is taught based on what the students require at that age and stage in life. The meditation ranges from initial relaxation, guided visualisation, Upasana-s and nididhyasana especially in Vedanta camps
Conducting Vedanta camps
For glimpses of camps conducted in India and Brazil
Vedanta camp in India -

Vedanta camp in Brazil -
Conducting yatras, pilgrimages
This is generally done as a part of or after a Vedanta camp.
Conducting workshops on personal growth
Several topics such as follows:
1. Self esteem
2. Self acceptance
3. Bhaava - Discovering the dance of emotion in Vedanta
4. Living a life of priorities (Purushartha nischaya)
5. Discovering God
6. The what, why and how of Moksha
7. Communication - what, why and how
8. Harmony in relationships
Do you have a temple in your set up/ashram?
Teaching/Katha (Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavatam, Puranas)
This is not done independently but some stories may be brought in, into Vedanta classes to illustrate important points
Responsibilities in AIM for Seva
None besides raising awareness.
Any affiliation with academic institutions? Are you teaching in any academic instiution?
SNDT University, Mumbai
As visiting faculty I teach the 'Counselling and Therapy' paper to Masters students in the Post graduate department of Psychology.
Any titles conferred?
Any books published? Details of where books can be procured?
Can you accommodate ailing/senior sadhus in your set up?
Shivaprasadah course (currently Kenopanishad)
Weekly on Monday
4-5 pm
Sonali A
Vishnuprasadah course (currently Bhagavad Gita Ch 9)
Weekly on Thursday
7.30-8.30 pm
Kavita Shah
Krishnaprasadah course(currently Bhagavad Gita Ch 12)
Weekly on Saturday
11 am-12 noon
Sonali Ambasankar