AIM for Seva


The All India Movement (AIM) for Seva is a NGO involved in providing value-based education to rural and tribal children across India.

Our story began in 2000 with a deep understanding of rural India’s problems: Be it the commuting long distances to schools, domestic pressure or lack of extra-curricular activities in education. We thus proposed a unique solution that has now brought the school to the child’s doorstep : Aim for Seva Free Student Hostels (FSH) is a Residential Facility in proximity to the Schools. This enables for Easy Access, Enhancing the Quality of Education through Tuitions, Providing Life Skills and an Environment that is conducive to learning.  All these facilities are provided at No Cost to the Students including Boarding, Lodging, Books, Uniforms, School Fees and More. AIM for Seva is entirely supported by Corporate and Individual Donors.

AIM for Seva is headquartered in Chennai with projects situated throughout India. AIM for Seva manages nearly a hundred FSHs spread across 16 states of India. Currently we serve 3,424 boys and girls. Overall 14,000 children have benefitted from our FSHs since 2000. More Information is available at here

Swami Dayananda Education Trust, Manjakkudi

Swami Dayananda Educational Trust (SDET) founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 2003, is based in Manjakkudi in Tiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu. Nestled amidst lush paddy fields, Manjakkudi (also the birth place of Swami Dayananda Saraswati) is an integrated community development project. The continuous efforts of Swami Dayananda Educational Trust has transformed this silent village into a vibrant centre of learning, nourishing young minds to explore, experiment and expand their horizon.

SDET has been actively promoting the development of Manjakkudi and surrounding villages through educational initiatives, community development programmes, and creating employment opportunities. More information is available at here

The Hospital

The Dayanananda Saraswati-Jayawarthanavelu Aurvedalaya is located around 3 km from the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Anaikatti. SDJ Ayurvedalaya offers all kinds of authentic and traditional Ayurveda treatments with a scientific approach, specific to the person’s constitution and his/her medical problems. More information is available here