The Arsha Vidya Research and Publication Trust (AVR and PT) transcribes, edits, collates and publishes Pujya Swamiji's teachings, lectures and writings with the sole objective to spread the vision of our traditional spiritual texts and scriptures through systematic expansion of quality print and publishing media at affordable prices. 

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati used to personally edit the books before they were printed. So far, it has published 50 titles under various series such as Public Talks, Moments with Oneself, Exploring Vedanta, Text-translation, Upanishad series and many more in the offing. At present the Trust houses more than 5736 hours of master transcripts of Swamiji's teachings. Another objective, besides printing Swamiji's books, is to create an Archive cum library to preserve the teaching tradition, taught by Swamiji, in its pure and pristine form for posterity

The Arsha Vidya Research and Publication Trust is a registered non - profit charitable organisation since 21 February, 2005. All contributions are exempt from tax under sec 80g of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. The Trust office is located at Srinidhi Apartments, 32 / 4 Desika Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. 

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati has granted in writing that AVR and PT shall be the single-source centre for editing and publishing his teachings. More information is available here